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Tess x Zeus Pups Head Off Into The World

Hi All,

As so often happens, life with puppies gets busy, so blogs go by the wayside. Andy Kearns and his family did a great job raising these pups. All nine pups have found their homes. I don't have all the final details, but here is what I know:

Mr. Blue: call name Buck. Has gone off to live in Taos, NM.

Mr. Green: call name Forest (although Rocket is sometimes a better description).

Now lives with his Uncle Moonshadow, Great-Great Auntie Zuzu, and Freyja in Boulder, CO.

Mr. Purple: call name Mukki. Now lives in Massachusetts (did I spell that right?)

Mr. Lime: call name Whidbey. Ventured all the way across the country and lives in Seattle, WA.

Three of the males have been placed as breed potential pups.

Miss Orange: call name Missy. Lives in Maine with Grandma Nittany.

Miss Red: has stayed in New Hampshire, close to sister Miss Yellow, and Mama Tess.

Miss White: I think Miss White was headed to New York, but I will let you know.

Miss Pink: call name Penny (for Penobscott). Right now is staying with Andy and his family while Penny's new Dad is off on an adventure. I believe she is headed to Connecticut.

Miss Yellow: Is staying in New Hampshire, and will get to visit with Mama Tess, and is taking puppy classes with sister "Red".

Three of the females have been placed as breed potential females.

I'll try to get a little more detail, and post once I have them. Otherwise, this blog wraps up the Tess x Zeus Litter Puppy Blog! Blessings on all the pups and their new families as they begin their new adventures together!

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