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Tess's Puppies Have Arrived!

Tess's babies have arrived!!

Laughing Mountain Eowyn (Tess) and Hurricane Zeus are the proud parent of NINE PUPPIES!! Five girls/four boys. Seven tawny/two buff. Of the buff pups: one male/one female. Tess and Zeus did a great job splitting up the numbers!

Pups started arriving the night of December 26, 2016 and the last pup arrived around 2:30am December 27, 2016. All are nursing well and continue to gain weight. Here are a couple of photos for now. Hope to have more as they come through from Tess's family.

Cheer the pups on that they continue to do well. We will continue to post photos, hopefully at least once a week.

More photos can also be found on our Facebook page as well!

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