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Laughing Mountain Chinooks

Puppies have arrived!

Laughing Mountain Aspen Seeley "Seeley"


Frontier Rough and Rugged "Higgins"

are happy to announce the arrival of eight healthy puppies, born November 17, 2019.

Five females/three males

Weights ranging from 10 ounces to 14 ounces.

(Seeley delivered all pups naturally.)

Our hope for these pups is that they will carry on their parents' wonderful temperaments, health, and solid build.

I am looking for a home that would be interested in welcoming a breed potential female into their family, and commit to raising one to two litters.

Please email me at laughingmountain2135@gmail.com if you would like more information or have any questions on what this means.

This is an Aspencreek Chinooks litter (in Washington State), and will be raised by Cheryl Brown.  Please contact Cheryl with any additional questions.


'PR' Laughing Mountain Aspen Seeley


Winner of the 2019 Chesterh Sweetie Award!

Photos courtesy of Chris Nelson

Dam: CH 'PR' Laughing Mountain Kiska Nikita

Sire: 'PR' Bashaba Laughing Dragon


Eyes: Normal


Weight: 60 pounds

Optimal Selection: Clear for chondrodysplasia (dwarfism)

                               Clear for MDR1 gene mutation

No health issues.

Great temperament. LOVES to play at the dog park.

Seeley is the granddaughter of our girl, Alpine Babazuzu"Zuzu".

We are proud to announce that Seeley was awarded the

2019 Chesterh Sweetie Award at the

2019 COA Chinook National Specialty. 

This award is given to the Chinook chosen to have the sweetest temperament/personality at the COA Chinook National Specialty. 

We are overjoyed with this honor!  Congratulations, Seeley!

Frontier Rough and Rugged "Higgins"

Hips:  OFA​ Fair
Eyes:  Normal
Weight: (I need to confirm.  I would guess 65)
Optimal Selection:  Clear for MDR1

                                Carrier for genetic dwarfism though no pups will be          affected since Seeley is clear
No health issues
Excellent temperament! Higgins is your poster boy for Chinook temperament: plays well with others, including other intact males.


Higgins was chosen especially for his temperament, and how he complements Seeley's traits.